lanyard with white pearls and filigree beads throughout the entire lanyard. textured chain.
pearl color selections. White, Dark Gray, black, powder pink, mauve, teal, night blue, dark green
shown in dark gray option
close up of pearls and filigree beads
shown on mannequin
Clasp types- Either magnetic break away or standard lobster clasp pictured

Women's Fashion ID Badge and Key Chain Lanyard with Swarovski or Czech Pearls and Filigree Beads

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  • Unique Design: This lanyard features a beautiful silver filigree bead and Swarovski or Czech pearl pendant which is suspended from a chain of Swarovski or Czech pearls and beautiful filigree beads.
  • This lanyard is pictured here in dark green but is available in the following pearl colors: night blue, dark green, powder pink, teal, dark gray, mauve, white and black. (See second photo)
  • Measurements: 32 inches in circumference plus the leaf pendant and lanyard clasp adds another 3 inches. 
  • Rear Clasp Choice This lanyard has 3 rear clasp options: No rear clasp, magnetic break away clasp, or lobster clasp. A magnetic break away clasp in the rear is a safety feature. This clasp is designed to pull apart at the magnetic when tugged on instead of harming the lanyard or the wearer. The lobster clasp option is a standard jewelry lobster clasp. If you select no clasp it will look as pictured and simply continue the design around the back.