silver anklet with circular silver dangles hanging off the entire way around, pictured on an ankle
silver and gold version- ab pattern for silver gold, pictured on ankle
gold version, pictured on ankle
antique brass version- pictured on ankle
antique copper version pictured on ankle
antique silver version pictured on ankle
mixed metal version pictured on ankle. uses antique copper, silver and brass in abc pattern all the way around

*New* Anklet with Jingling Boho Gypsy Charms

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  • Design: This anklet is made by dangling lots of circular charms from a strong chain. The coins make a slight jingling sound when you walk.
  • Measurements: Please measure yourself and remember to include a little extra slack if you do not want your anklet to be snug. This anklet is 9.5 inches. Follow instructions below if you need a custom length.
  • Color: It is shown in main photo in silver, but is also available in gold, silver & gold, antique silver, antique brass, antique copper and mixed antique metal (see all photos for colors selections)
  • To request a custom length:
    1) Add anklet to cart
    2) In your cart under the item total you will see a text box labeled “Add note to order” 
    3) Just type in what circumference you would like instead of 9.5 inches.