About Us


Brenda Elaine Jewelry was formed in 2008 with a simple mission; provide unique and affordable jewelry for every style.  Brenda started as a small outfit serving the local community in artisan shows and fairs.  In 2010, Brenda began retailing on Etsy where her designs were resonating with women all over the world.  Today Brenda Elaine Jewelry still sells at small local shows, but also can be found online in Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy retailers, as well as their own website.  Despite the expansion, the mission of providing unique and affordable jewelry with a local artisan flair is more relevant than ever. 

Brenda has been the creative force behind the jewelry from the beginning.  She has always found artistic ways to express her visual arts.  Needle work, quilting, and design led her to her true passion--- crafting jewelry.    Being a business owner has allowed her to enjoy her three grown children, seven grandchildren, and the world around her.  She can be found hiking and cycling anywhere her world intersects with nature.   She shares these passions with her husband, Don who spends his free time behind the camera taking photos of her creations.

 Brenda’s daughter, Anna gradually assumed a larger role in the business and was fully committed by 2017.  Anna’s background includes a bachelor’s in business administration, with a focus in marketing.  In addition to crafting jewelry, Anna is the driving force in business planning, marketing, and distribution.  Anna has two young daughters and enjoys the flexibility the business provides her and her family.

As the business has grown, it has remained focused on it’s core.  Brenda Elaine Jewelry brings life to the wire, chain, semi-precious gems, pearls, and stones to create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that helps empower the women who wear it.

We love hearing our customers ideas! If you would like a custom / adjusted piece please contact us.

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