silver necklace with simple chain and a straight bar with purple amethyst that hangs straight across.
necklace shown on mannequin.
necklace pictured from above on black background

*New* Anxiety Necklace, Fidget / Spinner Necklace with Amethyst, Calming Jewelry, Stainless Steel, Will Not Tarnish

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-Use fidget necklace instead of bad habits like chewing nails, picking skin or other coping mechanisms for anxiety.

-Beads are set with a gap on each side to be able to push beads back and forth and spin around the wire they are on. This gives sensory input to distract from anxiety.

-Stainless steel- will not tarnish.

-Long 28 inch length so its easy to hold onto.

-Amethyst beads are believed to have anxiety reducing effects.